How to Work From Home as a Paid Forum Poster

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How to Work From Home as a Paid Forum Poster. If you are seeking a work from home job online, can type and have good communication skills, paid forum poster positions are widely available. These work-at-home positions pay for posting services on community forums and are a good fit for those who can type fast and create interesting conversations.

Open an online banking account such as Paypal or Stormpay by visiting their website and registering for an account. Paypal is an almost universally accepted account and will enable you to be paid for your services.

Do a Google search (or via your preferred search engine) for paid forum poster positions. You will likely find many listings that are looking for people to post on community websites as a work from home contractor. Most will pay you a rate per post and will want to do a trial run or test to check the quality of your work before offering you a position.

Do your trial run and be sure to follow any directions given to you by the prospective employer. When doing a work at home job, it can be easy to misconstrue directions so if you are unsure of any details, ask for clarification.

Post with well written, grammatically correct sentences. To be a good paid forum poster, you should engage others by creating subjects that encourage conversation. The point of having paid forum posters is to encourage traffic and conversation at the community so do your best to write with open ended questions that will illicit responses. Create positive, upbeat posts and avoid participating in flame wars where posters attack one another in their posts.

Verify the terms of your employment with the company or forum that wants your services. Be sure you understand what is expected of you and how and when you will be paid for your services. If something seems unreasonable, evaluate all the terms and trust your instinct. There are scams out there targeted at people that want to work at home.


Some forum posters who do a really good job get promoted to paid forum moderators or administrators and can have work from home jobs that are very lucrative. Read newspapers and web services for current events as well as for industry specific information if the forum has a specific topic or focus to find interesting topics to post about.


Don't pay money for employment information. Many scam artists target those wanting a work from home career and will offer you information on job possibilities for a fee. These job postings are available for free via many online sources so don't pay for work at home job information.


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