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How to Become an Educational Diagnostician in Texas

Educational diagnosticians examine and assess the academic progress of students who have learning disabilities. In collaboration with other education professionals, they help to determine whether or not a student should be classified as having a learning disability. Educational diagnosticians are key in the development of special curriculum for students who've been identified as requiring special attention. They design programs that meet the standards of the state's educational diagnostician board. In Texas, educational diagnosticians must adhere to the Texas Administrative Code and the standards set by it. The code also lays out the requirements you must meet to become an educational diagnostician in the state of Texas.

Complete a master's degree in psychology or education while completing your college's educator preparation program. While you're only required to have a bachelor's degree in any field, a focus in psychology or education will be advantageous because the job of education diagnosticians requires experience in both fields.

Sign up for the teacher certification test that's appropriate to your major. Apply for state approval through your college's educator preparation program, after you've passed the certification test.

Find a teaching job, and then teach for at least two years. You're required to have a minimum of two years of experience in teaching before you can become certified as an educational diagnostician.

Enroll in an educational diagnostician certification program that's meets the standards of Texas Administrative Code. Complete the certification exam at the end of the course.

Prepare your resume and portfolio, and then apply to educational diagnostician positions in Texas.


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