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How to Manage Housekeeping Operations

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Managing housekeeping operations for a hotel requires more than just hiring experienced room attendants and facility maintenance staff. Being in charge of hotel housekeeping means you are in charge of the day-to-day activities of the housekeeping staff. In addition, you are responsible for understanding the hospitality and tourism industry, including intercompany standards and industry-specific expectations by which hotels and their housekeeping departments are judged.

Review job descriptions to ensure they are accurate and contain a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities for housekeeping staff. Update job descriptions at least annually and involve employees, supervisors and managers in the update process. Ask employees if there are additional duties they perform regularly that aren't listed on the job description. Engage supervisors and managers in developing a job description that includes additional responsibilities they want to incorporate or duties and tasks they believe should be part of a job analysis.

Conduct regular staff meetings for effective communication with employees in every job. Inform employees of upcoming conventions and tourism to prepare them for possible overtime or greater expectations. Regularly communicate with your staff about matters that involve their jobs.

Study new developments within the hospitality and tourism industry. Gain insight into the methods for appraising performance as well as evaluating hotel housekeeping functions. Hotel ratings systems are indicators of attentive service and the quality of accommodations, both of which may be largely influenced by housekeeping standards.

Evaluate housekeeping staff regularly -- at least annually. New employees may need more frequent evaluations to ensure they understand their job expectations and the performance standards they need to meet. Setting performance standards is an essential part of managing operations because your hotel's success depends on the performance of your staff. Provide training to new employees and refresher training to long-term employees; doing so assures that your staff is fully competent and capable of rendering top-notch service to hotel guests.

Read professional journals about housekeeping trends and the equipment and materials necessary for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness for hotel guests. Review your purchasing requirements for determining adequate supplies of the most effective cleaning products available for industrial use. Obtain feedback from housekeeping staff as well as purchasing employees on the effectiveness and usability of new products.


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