How to Become a College Professor With a Master's Degree

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Although most post-secondary institutions require their professors to hold doctorates in their respective fields, it is possible to become a college professor with a Master's. Depending on your field, work experience or academic achievements can make up for what you lack in formal academic training. If you are planning to teach at the college level, be sure your chosen field allows faculty members with Master's degrees. Some fields, such as science, medicine, engineering, mathematics and physics, will not accept applicants without a Ph.D.

Complete your Master's degree with honors. If you are planning on using your Master's to apply for post-secondary level teaching positions, it's important to have outstanding grades. This will show prospective employers that you excel at what you do and will help you gain important connections in the academic community.

Have your writing or research published in notable academic publications. Academic journals are respected in academia, and contributing to them will get you noticed. Getting published in academic publications can be a challenge, so use connections from your Master's program to have your work recommended or submitted on your behalf.

Publish a book. This is an especially important step for those looking to teach English or Creative Writing. Start with small, local publishers and expand to notable publishers that can get you a wider circulation. If your book is popular and gets good reviews, awards and widespread recognition, you will find it much easier to find work as a professor.

Work in your field. Departments, such as business, human resources and social work, often look for highly experienced, seasoned professionals to join their faculty. Achieving a high level of success in your career will give you enough first-hand knowledge and experience to pass on to students. Work up the ladder in reputable companies until you've reached the top and gained a great reputation in your field.

Apply to teach at a community or junior college. Small community colleges often accept applications from individuals holding Master's degrees. In most cases, your Master's degree will have to be accompanied by relevant experience in your field as well as contributions to notable academic publications.