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How to Obtain a Warehouse Electric Jack License

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Electric pallet jacks are used to assist in moving and stacking heavy loads. The motorized pallet jack is moved by the use of a throttle that has controls to move forward or backward, and up or down. It's steered by turning the handle. Stopping an electric pallet is done by either a brake or kill switch. The use of an electric pallet jack is an efficient way to maintain inventory in a warehouse.

Pallet Jack Certification

Certification for the use of electric pallet jacks is provided by the company you work for. OSHA doesn't require or have a standard certification, but instead asks all companies using pallet jacks to have a certification program for its workers. The OSHA standards for powered industrial equipment are found in 29 CFR 1910.178. As part of the company certification program, familiarize yourself with the owner's manual provided by the manufacturer. Large companies making use of electric pallet jacks, such as Home Depot, have their own certification programs that smaller companies may allow as certification.

Private certification programs as in the referenced SafetyIsUs are usually centered around forklift training with pallet training an offshoot. There are usually two major parts of the training, the training itself and evaluation of your use of the equipment. A common certification that often is transferable is the Depot Power Equipment Operator certification.

Requirements that companies may have for the operation of electric pallet jacks might include a minimum standard for how much weight you can comfortably pick up or move. You may also need to be free of physical infirmities and have strong vision.

Electric pallet jacks are used in warehouses or for loading or unloading loads usually transported by truck. While warehousemen are most normally associated with the use of electric pallet jacks, anyone employed in logistics, inventory control and purchasing in retail or manufacturing should have a rudimentary knowledge of the electric pallet jack.


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