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How to Find Work Fast

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Sometimes a financial crisis or unexpected expenses require you to find work fast. Alternatively, you may want to find fast work in order to quickly save for a future expense. To ensure that you are hired at the job you apply to, there are some preliminary considerations to make. Also, to find work as quickly as possible you must use all of the job listing resources available to you.

Write an up-to-date resume. While some jobs only require an application, much of the work available to you requires a resume that lists your skills, expertise, and past work experience. Applying with an inept resume is the fastest way to miss out on a good job opportunity, so make sure that your resume highlights your work abilities in an organized, professional manner.

Write a cover letter catered to the job you are applying to, if requested. As with resumes, some jobs do not require a cover letter. However, if a cover letter is requested, focus on your goals and abilities that specifically pertain to the job you are applying to. In your cover letter, strive to make yourself stand out as the best applicant for the job.

Search for "wanted" signs advertised in business windows. Always carry a copy of your resume with you so you can apply for the position instantly. When you apply, ask to speak to the hiring manager to ensure your application is processed right away. Engage the manager in a professional conversation in which you highlight your work abilities. This increases your chances of being hired on the spot.

Search local newspaper listings for work-related classified ads. Many companies create classified ads when they are looking for workers immediately. Furthermore, local businesses may list temporary or part-time positions in the classifieds. These types of jobs are good if you are looking for fast work to hold you over during a transition period between more permanent jobs.

Search online classifieds for job listings. Many online listings accept applications via e-mail, which makes it easier for you to quickly apply to multiple jobs. Furthermore, job listings are arranged by category so that you can quickly locate work that is relevant to your skills. Examples of job-listing sites includes,, and

Contact a temporary employment agency, also known as a temp agency. Temp agencies work as a middleman to help employers fill short-term position openings. Often, these short-term positions need to be filled immediately. Temp agencies therefore can help you find work fast by connecting you with local employers who will have you start right away.