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How to Decorate a Semi Truck Interior

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Truck drivers spend more time in their trucks than anywhere else since they eat, sleep and work in their cabs. Decorate the interior of your semi to provide a space that feels comfortable and reflects your personality and interests. You can decorate your truck without making permanent changes, whether you own your rig or operate a company-owned tractor. If you are an owner-operator, you can customize your truck and decorate it to suit your needs. Most sleepers include one or two beds, a table, closet and storage space.

Place a colorful mat on the floor in front of the bed or have a custom carpet made to fit the entire interior of the truck. Carpets that are removable are easier to clean, which is practical as you will deal with all sorts of weather as a driver. Most semi floors are black, navy or charcoal, but you can dress yours up in a bright yellow or aqua if it suits you.

Make your bed with colorful bedding. Add luxury, high-thread-count sheets if you desire the most comfortable sleeping accommodations you can get. Add a light or bright comforter or duvet to brighten up the sleep space in your truck. Utilize patterns, even if it's your favorite football team's logo.

Replace the standard blackout curtains that come with the truck with bright and colorful options that complement the floor and bedding. Use curtains that have a blackout backing or simply hang the colorful curtains in front of the standard blackout options to ensure you can get your sleep when it's time to shut down.

Cover the front seats with new seat covers. Choose colors and patterns that coordinate with the new decor in the sleeper. For example, use your team's colors or mascot on your seat cover if you're decorating with a sports-team theme.

Install an inverter to push your electronics, such as a flat-screen TV and DVD combination. Add a laptop, cellphone charger and personal music player if you enjoy the latest technological advancements.

Add a few luxury items if you have the space, such as a small refrigerator, microwave and toaster.


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