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How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Cobb County, GA

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The Cobb County School District is the second largest school system in Georgia with a student enrollment of over 111,000. The district has 114 facilities, including elementary, middle and high schools; charter schools; special education centers; an adult education center; and a performance learning center. It employs over 5,380 classroom teachers and 1,300 special education teachers. The district maintains a roster of qualified substitutes to take over for teachers when they are absent due to illness, jury duty or another reason.

Substitute Teachers' Duties

The districts employs two types of substitute teachers for their K-12 schools and adult education program, which provides adult basic education, GED and ESL instruction to adult learners. Daily substitutes fill in for teachers who are absent for one or a few days. These subs may be assigned to the same classroom for up to 10 days. Supply teachers are long-term substitutes for teachers who are absent between 11 and 60 days.

All substitutes follow school procedures and apply appropriate behavior management strategies to handle their classrooms. Daily substitutes teach lesson plans prepared by the absent teachers, while supply teachers are responsible for instruction as well as handling required records.

Cobb County Substitute Teacher Pay

According to the jobs website, the average yearly salary for all Cobb County substitutes is $23,951 per year. Cobb County substitute teacher pay is 9 percent below the national average. Cobb County salaries depend on the number of days worked and status as a daily or supply substitute.

Qualifications for Daily Substitute Teachers

To work as a daily substitute, you need at least a high school diploma or GED. However, the school district prefers to employ substitutes with bachelor's degrees. You do not need a teaching credential nor teaching experience to substitute at the K-12 levels. To be a substitute in adult education classes, you need two years of teaching experience. Having bilingual skills is desirable for adult education substitutes. All substitute teachers need written and oral communication skills, along with student management skills.

Qualifications for Supply Teachers

Except for the education requirement, the qualifications for supply teachers is the same as for daily substitutes. You must have a bachelor's degree to be a supply teacher. The district prefers your major be related to the subject matter in which you would be teaching. For example, to be a long-term substitute as a high school math teacher, you should have a degree in mathematics.

Online Application

Prospective employees apply online for Cobb County schools jobs online. When you apply, you must provide an email address, username and password. If you do not have an email address, sign up for a free email account at Gmail, Hotmail or another service.

Be ready to give information about the following items:

  • Schools you attended
  • Current and previous employers
  • Military service
  • Teaching certificate or license
  • Convictions or violations, including any offense for which you paid a fine of $200 or more

You also need to provide names and email addresses for three professional references. One reference must be your most recent supervisor.

Ready for Substitute Work

When you are approved for work, you must attend orientation training if you are not a certified teacher. Otherwise, you complete employment paperwork, such as payroll forms and the selection of schools where you prefer to work.

As substitute positions come available, the district selects and notifies the most qualified persons to fill the positions. You can also look up substitute opportunities at the district's job postings Web page and apply for the positions online.

To maintain your status as a substitute teacher, you must work at least one full day during each school month.

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