How to Improve Your Weakness

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During job interviews, candidates are sometimes asked to expound on their weaknesses. Some naively state "none" or provide a trite response, but in reality, everyone has weaknesses. Humans, after all, are far from perfect. But instead of dwelling on, or feeling limited by, these weaknesses, commit yourself to making improvements, starting today.

Reflect on your personal weaknesses and be honest with yourself. Talk to close friends and family members to better understand your weaknesses and solicit their advice on how to improve. As the saying goes: The first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one. As corporate consultant Jim Taylor states, "Without the acknowledgement of weaknesses there is no possibility of change."

Summarize the information you gained through your own self-reflection and the information from your loved ones. List your weakness on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet program.

Create a specific action plan to address each weakness listed. For instance, if procrastination or lateness are among the weaknesses, one item on your action plan might be to establish a written schedule for each day in a computer program that includes task reminders.

Find alternatives that will help distance your from each of the weaknesses you’ve identified. For instance, if one of your weaknesses is eating too many chocolate bon-bons, find a sweet but healthy alternative like cherries to eat when the craving hits you.

Commit yourself to following each detail of your action plan consistently. Maintain your confidence and focus as you embark on this journey. Reward yourself when you meet each goal or complete each task successfully.


Visit a counselor or motivational coach who specializes in addressing the weaknesses you have listed — especially if they are serious or addictive. A trained professional can help you get to the heart of the issue and advise you on how to deal with it.