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Google Professional Certification

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Information technology careers are projected to grow rapidly in the 21st century. While significant job growth is expected in many areas, employers are looking for highly-qualified talent who can get the job done, and prefer employees with professional certifications in their industry. One of the premier certifications for those looking to work in the Internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and Web analytics industries is the Google AdWords Certification Program.

Google AdWords Company and Individual Certification Programs

Google offers an AdWords certification program for both companies and individuals. Company certification allows a business to become a Google AdWords Certified Partner. Individual certification demonstrates your proficiency in Internet marketing and SEO, and is an internationally recognized credential showing employers you possess the essential AdWords knowledge you need to do the job.

Individual Certification Requirements

Although there are no specific educational prerequisites for Google AdWords individual certification, becoming certified requires passing two comprehensive exams. The first exam is the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, which covers the basics of online advertising. For the second exam, you may choose either the Search Advertising Advanced Exam or the Display Advertising Exam.

Certification Exams

The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam covers the basics of how to use AdWords and common methods in online advertising, focusing on account management and the numerous benefits of search advertising. The Search Advertising Advanced Exam tests your knowledge of more advanced topics for management of AdWords campaigns. The Display Advertising Exam focuses on best practices for advertising and marketing campaigns on YouTube and the Google Content Network.

Company Certification -- Becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner

Eligibility requirements for becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner include at least one employee passing two exams and becoming individually certified, having managed at least $10,000 in ad expenditures over the preceding 90 days, and signing a contract to abide to the terms and conditions of representing AdWords. Google certified partners enjoy significant benefits. One benefit is the use of profile pages to illustrate the achievements and certifications of their staff. Certified partners also gain direct marketing support through Google Partner Search, an online directory of certified partners.