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Goals for Law Firm Facilities Managers

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Facilities managers oversee the functions of the buildings and rooms that make up an organization. Law firms hire facilities managers to keep everything running smoothly. When managing the functioning of the physical aspects of a legal office, supervisors answer calls for issues that arise before and after hours and must give attention to the discretion required in private legal matters. Setting goals as a facilities manager involves focusing on a few key tasks.

Building Upkeep

A law firm facilities manager keeps all aspects of the building operational. Managers address issues such as disruptions in the HVAC or plumbing systems. They are also on call to address electrical issues that may arise. Law firms hold important client meetings during day and evening hours so a facilities manager is likely on call around the clock to make sure everything is functional. A goal managers can set is to check all functions of a building on a weekly basis to find issues before they become problems. They also oversee any new construction, including converting building space into more offices, and supervise the hiring of contractors to take care of these and maintenance issues. Facilities managers can set another goal, to keep a database of companies to call in a pinch, along with a rating system to easily determine who to use again.

Oversee Services

There are many different functions to a busy law firm and it's the goal of a facilities manager to help these departments achieve their objectives. For example, a law firm facilities manager ensures that mail is properly processed and delivered in a timely matter throughout the firm. He ensures mailing costs are streamlined and kept to a minimum. He also helps manage the functions involved in food services. A goal a law firm facilities manager can set is to make sure the kitchens are well-stocked and maintained.

Organizes Purchasing

Facilities managers watch the firm's budgets and keep costs within these limitations. One area in a law firm that a facilities manager oversees is the purchase and installation of office furniture. If there are several attorneys in the building, they each will likely have their own office and related furnishings. One goal a facilities manager can strive to meet is to make sure all new offices are equipped within budget and with what the employees need to get their jobs done. This may entail seeking different vendor estimates for new installations.

Addresses Safety and Security

One important issue a facilities manager must address is safety and security. Many clients, attorneys and other employees frequent a law firm’s campus on a daily basis. Any problem that creates a safety hazard must be addressed by the facilities manager. Due to the inherent need for discretion and privacy of legal matters, a facilities manager ensures that documents are properly disposed of. They may also need to oversee that the cleaning crew is bonded and insured for additional protection.


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