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Fun Things to Help Motivate Co-Workers at Work

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Motivating staff members usually falls under the job description of a manager, but if you're a keen employee and want to encourage your co-workers to succeed, offering some motivation tips serves a dual purpose. Not only will you possibly be able to increase production and profitability for your company, but your manager might note your leadership skills and keep you in mind for a promotion.


Motivating staff is the responsibility of the company's management, and common motivation techniques include raises, bonuses and even praise from the manager, according to "Entrepreneur" magazine. As a co-worker to those you wish to motivate, you won't be able to offer any of these benefits, so think creatively about what your colleagues would enjoy. One key to rewarding people at work is to do so only for exceptional work; rewarding people for merely doing their job isn't ideal.

Simple Ideas

Because you don't have a budget to use for motivational ideas, it's ideal to keep some of the fun things you suggest as inexpensive and simple as possible. Create goals for the week with your co-workers, such as establishing new sales clients or exceeding financial targets, and suggest ideas such as playing Frisbee or basketball at lunch on Friday or going out for drinks after work.

Friendly Competition

Creating some friendly competition between you and your co-workers is a win-win situation; the company will benefit and you and your peers will enjoy the week more. If you work in sales, for example, revolve the competition around who can generate the most sales income. To create a competition, get everyone to agree that the person who loses must buy everyone coffee or a muffin on Monday morning.

Involve Management

You can only motivate your co-workers to a certain extent, given that you're all peers, so approach your manager to explain that you'd like to institute a motivation and reward system. Companies frequently use such systems with common rewards being gift cards to restaurants, sporting events or spas, giving an employee the ability to work a flexible schedule or sending a skilled employee on a training course. Your manager doesn't have to commit to raises for people; simple incentives can go a long way.