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Four Types of System Administrators

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An employment rate increase of 30 percent is predicted for all types of system administrators between 2008 and 2018, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those interested in this career who have excellent problem solving and analytical skills and a degree in a computer related field can pursue one of four types of system administrator positions.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

A network and computer system administrator designs and installs entire computer systems for companies, including local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), Internet and intranet systems. Once they have installed a computer system for an organization, they typically monitor that system and analyze its performance, providing maintenance and troubleshooting problems when necessary.

Database Administrators

Database administrators set up databases for companies and use database management software to figure out better ways to organize and analyze data. Some projects may require the administrator integrate data from an old database into a new one, while other projects require creating a database from scratch. Like network administrators, database administrators also monitor databases once they’ve been installed, and provide maintenance when needed.

Web Administrators

Systems administrators may specialize in maintaining websites, which requires constant observation and maintenance. These administrators monitor the speed of the website and approve all content before it is published. As part of their mission to constantly improve the website, web administrators analyze data regarding the site’s traffic patterns and may implement changes based on user feedback.

Telecommunications Administrators

Many organizations use computer systems for communications, and it is the responsibility of the telecommunications administrator to design and monitor those systems. For example, this type of administrator may design and install a voice, video or data-communication system. Telecommunications administrators also provde maintenance services by testing communications lines and overseeing repair to any damaged or malfunctioning equipment.


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