Finding Power Washing Jobs

Growth Trends for Related Jobs


Start a power washing business to take more control over the number and types of job opportunities available. Grow your own business by investing in equipment to offer customers quality power washing services. Purchase equipment from a company such as Power Wash Industries that provides business owner training with their products. Get the pumps, engines, water tanks and chemicals as well as tips on how to best utilize the equipment and grow your business.


Find power washing jobs in the transportation industry for airplanes, trucks and auto fleets. Look for power washing jobs at small airports that house private jets and planes, flying schools and charter plane services. There are fewer union regulations governing small airports, and airplane owners are always looking for reputable, experienced airplane cleaners. Dealers who sell mobile homes, travel trailers and trucks often contract out for cleaning services. Many dealers keep in-house cleaning crews, but as the practice of outsourcing grows, opportunities abound to offer a better service for less money and guaranteed quality. Visit truck stops with a portable generator and water tank to offer cleaning services while truckers are resting. Many truckers are owner/operators who often don't have much downtime to spend on power washing.

Real Estate

Solicit new business by going to office complexes, real estate companies and developers who need to make a good impression on their clients. Develop relationships with residential and commercial Realtors who refer clients to cleaning companies when property is being sold. Contact local property managers who outsource most of their maintenance work. Include water reclamation services that are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in your realm of services. Keep up with the latest federal and local environmental standards through your local association chapter of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC). UAMCC is a trade group at which you can find possible job contacts through its member referral service as well. .

Job Market

Job boards on popular sites such as CareerBuilder and MySpace Jobs regularly post jobs for power washers. Promote yourself with any service or hands-on maintenance experience you may have as you apply for the jobs. Network with industry professionals through the local chapter of an organization such as the Power Washers of North America. In addition to making valuable contacts at the meetings and gatherings of the group, advance your skills and education by participating in seminars and training opportunities the group offers.