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How to Fill out a Performance Management Form

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If you supervise employees, you will probably be expected to fill out a performance management form at some point. These forms provide a written evaluation of a worker's performance. They may be used along with a formal evaluation meeting, or distributed more frequently as a way to stay in communication with your staff between formal meetings. Your management form should address the employee's history with the company and offer opportunities to improve performance going forward.


Learn as much as possible about the employee and his performance before filling out the form. Look for old evaluation forms in the employee's personnel file. Pay close attention to issues the employee was expected to resolve after the previous evaluation. Note whether the employee resolved any issues and met performance goals. Use a section of the form to list several of the employee's major accomplishments from the past year. This gives him some positive reinforcement to go along with your constructive criticism regarding the necessary improvements.

Ratings and Comments

Rate the employee's abilities in various areas related to his job description. Measure productivity based on specific criteria such as sales revenue, new customers obtained or error rates in manufacturing. Leave some blank space on the form for general notes and comments that do not fit in another section. For example, you can use this section to mention instances when the employee helped another department or took the initiative to learn new tasks. Use clear, concise language and include examples of specific incidents whenever possible.

Areas for Improvement

In addition to assessing the performances of employees, you also can use performance management forms as a tool to motivate your employees. List several goals for the employee to achieve before his next review. Tie the goals into concrete rewards if you have the authority to offer incentives. Even if you cannot give out pay raises or bonuses, a gift card or small food item can be a good way to show your appreciation. Make sure to place a copy of the performance management form in the employee's personnel file so you can look up the required goals prior to the next evaluation.

Employee Response

The bottom of the form should include a place for the employee's signature and the date. This prevents him from claiming he was not given the information if a dispute arises in the future. You may also want to hold a meeting with the employee to discuss the results of the evaluation. If you choose to meet with your staff, make sure to stay calm and professional even if your performance assessments are challenged.