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How to Be a Fashion Model for a Store

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The world of fashion is getting better with increased competition in the product market. Besides the runway and fashion shows, models now have lucrative opportunities in the marketing world through fashion modeling. A fashion model is required to promote sales for various brands retailing in a selected store. To become a fashion model, you need to be camera friendly, attend a modeling college and put together a perfect photo-portfolio.

Quality Photo-Portfolio

A picture portfolio is the resume of a fashion model. The portfolio should be versatile and up-to-date to show that the model can put on different looks for different events. It is also an indication that the model is photogenic and comfortable in front of cameras. The book should, however, carry few photos because the idea is to keep the agency or the store manager interested through a short story. A short, up-to-date, and exciting portfolio shows the ability of the model to capture and maintain the attention of customers.

Sharpen Marketing Skills

Fashion modeling today entails more than traveling, making appearances and popping champagne during product launches. It has become a marketing strategy that most manufacturers and retailers are finding productive to boost sales. To become a successful fashion model, you must also be equipped with marketing skills to present the product in a way that will attract customers. For instance, a fashion model should be fun, energetic, sociable and trendy as a marketer. In addition, the model should master how to walk in clothes, have skills of showing clothes and be able to convince customers that she loves the product even when he or she does not, just like a great marketer.

Understand the Fashion World

The fashion world keeps evolving and there are new strategies and trends to capture a client’s attention every day. Some clients are also extremely knowledgeable about fashion and will be looking out for a model that is sporting the trendiest design or pose. It is not just about understanding trends and fashion. Know the big players in the industry, recruiting agencies and what works in the fashion arena. Start by attending a fashion or a modeling school to get professional knowledge about the runway. If you are lucky, you might also be picked as a “fresh face” when brands and agencies are scouting for new talent. Knowledge of fashion is also enhanced through research on designers, fashion shows and reputable magazines such as "Elle" and "Vogue."

Contact a Store Manager or a Professional Agency

This is the hardest part when looking for an opportunity to become a fashion model for a store. You must have what it takes to convince the agency, the store manager, or the brand manager that you are well suited to promote sales of the company through tactical presentation of product to clients. In addition, some of the agencies are not genuine and reputable, so you can easily find yourself in the wrong hands. The terms of the contract are also an important consideration when signing a deal with a store agency. Sometimes, models are duped into signing contracts with extremely demanding terms or questionable motives. Establish that it is a credible agency, and go through every clause of the contract before appending your signature.


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