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Training in Hand & Power Tool Repair

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An array of jobs, from auto repair to building maintenance to cable installation, require the use of hand and power tools . Oftentimes, professionals who use these tools must know how to repair them on their own. They can train to do so in a variety of ways.


While many workers who use hand and power tools aren’t required to possess a college degree, educational institutions provide a strong training ground for any profession. People in this line of work often focus on courses in shop, mathematics and blueprint reading.

General Courses

Professionals responsible for hand and power tool repair can often receive training in the form of workshops, seminars or even certification programs that specialize in their specific field. These types of programs consist of lessons, study materials and testing, and often take no more than a week to complete.

On the Job

Most professionals who specialize in the repair of hand and power tools receive the majority of their training on the job under the supervision of an experienced worker or manager. It also helps to possess a working knowledge of tools before even starting their first job.


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