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Hyperion Software Training

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Hyperion software, which is part of Oracle Corporation’s portfolio of application products, addresses companies’ enterprise business planning needs. Individual Hyperion applications cover financial management, budgeting and strategic planning. Look for training options available from Oracle University in a variety of formats, including formal classroom or Web-based training and self-paced study programs.

Training Paths

Oracle provides training path recommendations based on job roles. Training needs for software users differ from the needs of IT professionals, including administrators, analysts, architects, engineers, developers, implementers and project managers. Taking Hyperion's financial management software as an example, user training includes three primary sessions, covering use of the software, reporting tools, and smart views for accessing and analyzing data. IT administrator training also covers the reporting tools before branching off from the user training to teach students about creating and managing applications and creating rules using a calculation manager.

Classroom and Virtual Class Training

Oracle University offers classroom training for Hyperion software at Oracle facilities or partner locations as well as providing for virtual class opportunities. In both scenarios, students participate with instructors in real time. Sessions include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on opportunities to work with the Hyperion software. Students in a physical classroom have direct interaction with instructors. Students in a virtual classroom can interact with instructors via Web-conferencing technology.

On-Demand and Self-Study Training

Some Hyperion software training courses are available in on-demand and self-study options. On-demand courses are recorded sessions available with streaming videos that can be paused and rewound, and that include lab activities. Self-study courses are designed specifically for online users as interactive materials. Both types of training are accessible at any time of the day or night, whenever students are ready.

Classroom Training Example for Users

Hyperion Financial Management for Interactive Users is a three-day class that teaches students how to navigate the financial management software module. Specifics of the training include entering, calculating, consolidating and translating, as well as creating journal entries. This class is available in both physical and virtual classroom settings, as well as through self-study options.

Training Example for Administrators

A four-day course for IT administrators and application developers entitled "Hyperion Financial Management -- Create Rules Using Calculation Manager" is available in both physical and virtual classroom settings. Course topics address working behind rather than in front of the software. Students learn how to create formulas and rules, such as those for allocation, currency translation, consolidation and elimination.