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NMC Code of Conduct for 2008

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The Nursing and Midwifery Council was founded in 2002 by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is a statutory body intended to regulate the affairs of all nurses and midwives in the UK, and aims to protect public health and well-being.


According to the May 2008 update of the NMC code of conduct, nurses and midwives must put the safety and health of their patients above all else. Patients must be treated with dignity, with their personal boundaries respected, their confidential information kept so and their concerns regarding their care heard. Bribery and loans must be refused entirely, and clear and complete records must be kept.


When nurses or midwives are sharing the care of a patient, they are required to share information freely between each other. Responsibilities are only to be delegated to those competent enough to carry them out effectively. Skills and developments should be shared between colleagues and with students of nursing and midwifery.

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Brought to you by Sapling
Brought to you by Sapling


Above all, nurses and midwives must act with the integrity that the profession requires. This includes giving an honest response to any patient who complains about his care, using professional status only for the promotion of a patient's health and well-being, following local and federal laws and regulations and informing the authorities if a colleague violates the code of conduct in letter or spirit.

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