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Job Description of a Bar Steward

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Bar stewards are on the front line of customer service. They work either in bars, taking drink orders directly from customers, or in restaurants, where orders may be brought to them by waiters and waitresses.

Main Responsibilities

Bar stewards are supervised by a bar manager. They make sure the customers are of legal drinking age before serving them alcohol or tobacco products, asking for identification if necessary. They serve a wide variety of beverages -- from soft drinks to beer, wine and spirits. They memorize drink recipes and must be able to make them quickly and accurately without wastage.

Additional Responsibilities

Bar stewards also maintain stock and glasses behind the bar as well as garnishes and a supply of ice. They might also collect payment from the customer and use the cash register; occasionally a bar steward might also serve food to customers eating at the bar.

Personal Requirements

Bar stewards must be personable and able to communicate clearly. They should be able to work in a team and work efficiently under pressure. Most bar steward jobs do not have specific educational requirements.


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