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Vestibular Therapy Certification

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To comprehend and work with one of the of the human body’s more complex structures, the vestibular system, which is part of the inner ear, therapists seeking certification must undergo intensive training concerning not only the brain, but also the functions of the treatments used to help those with dizziness and balance issues.


Medical staff, including physicians, may become certified in the treatment and rehabilitation of vestibular functions. Physical therapists and audiologists who work in the field may also be certified, as may their assistants, and occupational therapists.


Typically, professionals need only a week or two of intensive course instruction in order to be certified in vestibular therapy or rehabilitation. Instruction aims at lending proficiency in the use of technologies such as video electronystagmography and computerized dynamic posturography (CDP). Other test procedures, treatments, diagnoses and management of patients are also required studies.


Training is available at conferences, online, and at specialized medical schools and universities. Certification testing is offered at the completion of training sessions.