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Espresso Machine Repair Certified Technician Training

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Beverage Equipment Service Technician of America, or BEST, has designed a training program for certification of espresso machine technicians. El Camino College in Long Beach, California, and the Specialty Coffee Association of America, SCAA, also sponsor this certification. Upon completion of training classes developed by BEST, repair technicians gain a professional advantage in their careers.

Prerequisite and Features

BEST machine technician certification is an advanced or Level II certification. As a prerequisite, students must have completed Level I BEST training on brewing coffee or demonstrate equivalent knowledge. The Level II training centers on diagnosis and repair of various manufactured espresso machine components, such as pumps, flow meters and pressure vessels. Chemistry is also taught in accordance with interactions in the espresso machine regarding water and milk foam.

Training Significance

Certified technician training not only covers hands-on repairs, but also the science of grinding and extraction of the espresso product. This overall understanding helps technicians communicate with customers when discussing espresso machine use and maintenance.

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Program Types

To certify as an espresso repair technician, a 40-hour standard class must be taken. Online courses are offered, but last four weeks with six to 12 hours each week of class involvement. Certification is awarded after completion of either class type and a 75 percent or higher score on the certification exam. Graduates of the BEST program receive certification from SCAA plus a patch from BEST to attach to the work uniform.

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