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The Institute of Management Accountants' Code of Ethics

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The Institute of Management Accountants’ (IMA) code of ethics is a list of ethical standards of conduct for management accountants. Management accountants have an obligation to provide services at the highest ethical level possible.


Competence is one part of the IMA’s code of ethics for management accountants. This code states that accountants are to prepare complete, accurate and clear reporting of the business’ financial information. It also states that accountants are to maintain competence by continuing the development of their knowledge and that accountants follow all relevant laws, standards and regulations.


Confidentiality is a code of ethics stating accountants must keep confidential information undisclosed to anyone not entitled to receive the information. This code of ethics also states that confidential information should not be misused in any way.


The code of ethics regarding integrity deals with a person’s way of handling situations. It states that accountants should refuse gifts that would influence their decisions, avoid conflicts of interest and refrain from activities that would discredit them, the business or the profession.


Objectivity is an ethical code informing accountants they must be objective with the information they receive. They should also use all information received to fully disclose the most accurate picture of the business possible.


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