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Trucking Dispatcher Training

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Trucking dispatchers are responsible for coordinating deliveries and transportation routes for trucking companies. Most companies prefer employees with a high school diploma and most training for dispatchers takes place on the job.


Trucking dispatchers gain in-depth knowledge about transportation during their on-the-job training. They must know about the costs involved, as well as travel routes, trucking schedules, traffic or construction problems and general transportation logistics. In addition, trucking dispatchers learn general truck repair terms so they can arrange for maintenance and repairs when necessary.


Truck dispatchers use special equipment to perform their jobs. Those in training learn how to operate two-way radios, interactive voice recognition equipment and global navigation tools. Learning how to navigate specialized software designed for the trucking industry is also part of their on-the-job training.

Personal Service

Trucking dispatchers in training learn how to provide excellent service to their customers. They must see to the customer's needs, handle complaints and ensure the customer's delivery arrives on time. Part of the trucking dispatcher's on-the-job training includes instruction in effective listening and speaking techniques.