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The Average Salary of an ASE Certified Mechanic

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

If you enjoy working on cars and getting your hands dirty, the job of an auto mechanic may be worth looking into. Gaining certification through the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) opens the door to a good salary, according to Payscale, with the opportunity to earn nearly $40,000 a year early on.


Your earnings potential as an ASE certified mechanic likely will be related to the amount of job experience you possess. According to a September 2010 finding by Payscale, after at least a year, you can expect to earn $38,710. After five years on the job, your earnings could go as high as $43,000.

By Job

According to a September 2010 finding by Payscale, service managers earn $46,800 a year. Those professionals working as an auto mechanic are reporting earning $41,000 annually, and using your skills as a parts manager could net a salary of $36,400.

Employer Choice

The type of employer you choose could also determine your salary as an ASE certified mechanic. According to a September 2010 survey by Payscale, working for a privately owned company could pay the most, with those workers reporting earning $43,000 a year. Those employed with auto repair franchises are reporting top salaries of $36,327.