The Average Salary of a Child Protective Services Employee

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Social services case workers often work with child protective services, where the primary responsibility is to improve the lives of children who may be in negative or harmful situations. According to a September 2010 finding by PayScale.com, these workers can earn above average salaries.


As with many jobs, the more experience you gain, the better salary you can expect to earn as a Child Protective Services employee. According to a September 2010 report by PayScale.com, you can expect to start by earning between $25,469 and $31,558 a year. After at least five years, your earnings should increase to a range of between $30,034 and $39,113. Those workers on the job for 10 years are reporting earnings of up to $41,294 a year.


According to a September 2010 finding by PayScale.com, some of the highest-paid Child Protective Services employees are working in Houston, where they report earning between $29,452 and $40,174 each year. Their professional counterparts working in the city of Chicago are reporting earning less, at salaries between $28,613 and $34,905 a year.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Gender Pay

The pay difference between male and female case workers is only slight. According to a September 2010 survey by PayScale.com, females in the field are reporting earning between $28,149 and $36,552. Those males surveyed are reporting earning at least $29,789 and up to $38,369 a year.

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