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The Average Salary of a Live-in Companion

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

As a live-in companion, you will usually be responsible for the care of one specific person. Duties could include housekeeping, cooking or helping with medical treatments and medications. According to a September 2010 report by, the income and benefits of the job can be rewarding.


According to a September 2010 finding by, working as a live-in companion through a company could be your best bet as far as salary is concerned. These workers are reporting earning between $13,998 and $36,625 a year. Those self-employed workers in the field are reporting top earnings of $33,600 annually.

Salary Expectations

According to a September 2010 survey by, live-in companions with at least one year of experience can expect to earn between $12,208 and $20,347 annually. After working at least five years, these professionals are reporting earning up to $37,075 and after a decade, live-in companions can earn up to $56,439 a year.

Extra Benefit

One of the benefits of being a live-in companion is that in many cases, you also receive room and board without charge, in addition to a salary. According to, those workers who have that benefit of free room and board are averaging up to $36,706 per year.