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What Is a Special Process Server?

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A process server is an important part of the legal system. In many cases legal papers must be delivered in person, with the delivery documented. Process servers perform this critical role.


A process server delivers legal notifications, summons, subpoenas and order to show cause and writs. These are the most common legal documents a process server delivers. Guidelines for delivery of these type of documents vary by state, but in the majority of states, they must be hand-delivered. This helps protect the legal rights of all parties involved.

Special Process Servers

A special process server is simply a process server who works as an independent contractor. In order to be designated a special process server, the special process server must pass an annual exam given by the state in which she works. The requirements vary by state, and not all states give these tests.

Educational Requirements

There are no special educational requirements to become a process server. The person must simply be over 18 years of age. Process serving can be somewhat difficult and even, in rare cases, dangerous, as the people being served are not always happy to be receiving legal papers. Special process servers are normally paid a set amount per served paper.


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