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What Do Appointment Setters Do?

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An appointment setter, also known as a lead generator or inside sales rep, calls prospects to arrange meetings for salespeople. This role fits into the marketing function in a business. The appointment setter's goal is to qualify leads for quality, schedule appointments and contact field reps to let them know.

Appointment Setter Duties

To qualify prospects, you ask questions about their need, willingness, motivation and budget to make a purchase. The purpose of qualification is to avoid timely sales calls that don't generate business. After qualifying a prospect, the appointment setter works out a day and time for a meeting. After arranging the call, the appointment setter prepares a lead file with notes that the salesperson uses on the sales visit. The generator also may help with research and materials gathering.

Typical Objectives

The first major goal of an appointment setter is to secure a meeting for a field rep by building initial rapport with a prospect and compelling him to want to know more. The lead generator also wants to prevent wasted trips and presentation meetings by ruling out prospects with little to no willingness or ability to buy. Another common objective is to prepare a detailed file with prospect information and call notes. A thorough file helps the sales representative arrive for the meeting with a tailored presentation and an understanding of the prospect’s needs.