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What Does B1 Zone Mean?

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The designation “B1 zone” generally refers to a section of a municipal zoning ordinance that places restrictions on how real estate may be used in a particular area within the municipality. Although zoning designations vary from one municipality to another, the designation B1 usually means that property within the zone must be used for some type of business purpose.

B1 Zone Restrictions

Municipalities that use the B1 zone designation will state in their zoning ordinances the restrictions for how property is to be used within a B1 zone. The specific restrictions are unique to each municipality. For example, although professional offices may be a typical business use in B1 zone, municipal zoning ordinances may varying regarding their restrictions on the size of buildings and the number of offices per building.

Mixed Uses Within a B1 Zone

Along with professional offices, certain types of businesses are usually allowed in a B-1 zone included banks, hotels and markets. Dining and entertainment businesses are also allowed.

B1 Zoning Exceptions

A municipality's zoning ordinance often include exceptions to the general restrictions in a B1 zone. Some exceptions that are often made include using property for public utilities, the extraction of natural resources or recreation purposes.


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