Music Management Job Description

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A music manager is employed to oversee an artist’s career. The role involves organizing marketing, publicity and working alongside an artist’s attorney to arrange contracts and negotiations. A music manager directs and plans all aspects of an artist’s career and acts as a personal manager.


No formal education is required to become a music manager, more important is a well-rounded knowledge of the entire music industry and having contacts within it. State University reports that many managers have a strong knowledge in one or two areas such as touring or publishing and have other professionals who assist with their weaker areas.


Strong communication and negotiation skills are essential for those pursuing a career in the music industry. The industry is fiercely competitive so a strong determination to succeed is key. The ability to handle conflicts effectively, work well under pressure, and be self-motivated are all important skills according to career website Creative Choices.


The responsibilities of a music manager vary depending on a number of variables such as specialist knowledge, type and profile of an artist, and experience. Creative Choices notes that typical general duties include liaising with record producers, ensuring contracts are in place, working with licensing and copyright agencies, and analyzing sales information.