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Security Sales Job Description

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Sales agents who sell security systems match clients seeking peace of mind with the equipment and services that provide optimal surveillance. This occupation requires people with communication and persuasion skills who also are experts in security equipment and installations.

Security Sales Duties

Security sales agents spend the majority of their time procuring leads and speaking with potential customers. As a sales worker, you represent your product, analyze the needs of your customer and draft an agreement to move forward with the installation of a new security system.

After a successful transaction, sales agents follow through with all necessary paperwork, documentation and post-sales support to proceed smoothly, performing customer service duties that prevent new customers from getting cold feet after signing a contract.

Work Environment and Requirements

Part of performing a security analysis for clients involves traveling to residences and places of business to provide an accurate assessment of client needs. Otherwise, most of your work takes place inside an office environment.

Many sales jobs don't follow a specific educational path, although most businesses require candidates with a high school diploma, preferring those with a marketing, business or other related degree. Security sales companies need sales workers familiar with the trends and equipment of the security industry.


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