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Field Manager Job Description

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A field manager, also referred to as a field services manager, is a professional who oversees and evaluates employees who travel to customer sites. These professionals typically oversee a group of employees in a specific territory to ensure they're accomplishing their daily responsibilities.


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Educational requirements can vary depending on the type of field work being performed. If services are technical in nature, a bachelor's degree in a technical discipline is required. Employers who hire field managers who oversee non-technical staff may only require a bachelor's degree in a business management discipline.


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These professionals hire, train and motivate field representatives. This includes assigning territories and schedules to staff, as well as ensuring the staff is equipped with appropriate supplies and equipment to provide the required services within their assigned territories.


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A field manager evaluates field staff using statistical data from customers, as well as traveling to customer sites to evaluate employees while they're working.


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Unlike the staff a field manager oversees, the majority of the manager's work is done in an office. These professionals travel with employees or visit customers sites on monthly or quarterly basis.


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As of July 2010, listed a national average salary of $70,000 per year for a field manager.


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