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Committee Clerk Job Description

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A committee clerk handles office-related tasks for a board or group. Committee clerks handle duties ranging from taking minutes at meetings to answering office phones to typing reports to greeting important clients.


Committee clerks must be able to multitask and juggle many duties at once, as they often answer to more than one person. Normally, their responsibilities involve basic office work, but they might also handle things such as bookkeeping or scheduling appointments.


Committee clerks more than likely need to be excellent typists who possess basic computer skills. They should be proficient in grammar with a general understanding of math and the industry in which they work. Other than that, committee clerks should be motivated, courteous and professional.


Requirements to become a committee clerk depend on the type of committee. Generally, clerks hold entry-level positions and can learn on the job, provided they possess a high school diploma.


Jobs for general office clerks are expected to increase by 12 percent through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Office clerks earned a salary of anywhere from almost $21,000 to nearly $31,000 per year in June 2010, reported.


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