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What Is Appropriate Attire for a Crime Scene Investigator?

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It’s important at all jobs to dress appropriately. For crime scene investigators, the right attire means protecting yourself from harm and injury and avoiding contamination at an active crime scene.

Outside a Crime Scene

A CSI should don professional attire and comfortable shoes. He may have a uniform issued by his department, and he needs to wear his credentials at all times.

Routine Scenes

To minimize the threat of crime scene contamination, an investigator should wear standard protection gear, which might include protective gloves and booties over her shoes.

Chemical Hazards

The threat of hazardous chemicals in the field is real. In the case of a high-level threat, a CSI might be outfitted with an encapsulated suit and a self-contained breathing apparatus.

Biological Hazards

An investigator regularly comes in contact with bodily fluids, so he needs to wear gloves, goggles or face mask, and perhaps a jumpsuit with a hood to avoid unwanted contact.

Weather Elements

At an outdoor crime scene, the investigator needs to protect herself from the elements. A wide-brimmed sun hat, rain jacket, boots or heavy winter coat may be required depending on the season.

Preparation and Training

Because he could be called to a scene at any moment, an investigator should carry protective gear with him at all times. Some gear, like encapsulated suits for chemical protection, requires specialized training for its use.


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