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What are a Security Guard's Duties?

Security guards, alternatively called security officers, perform a vital function in numerous industries worldwide. Whether armed or unarmed, mobile or stationary, or uniform or plain clothes, they help their employers protect property and interests, while also supplementing the crime-detection efforts of traditional law enforcement agencies. As a result, they are frequently best situated to identify potential criminal acts.


Closely monitoring their assigned location, be it static or patrolled, allows security guards to spot suspicious behavior and prevent problems, including illegal activity.


Security personnel who guard entrances and exits must thoroughly screen people and packages to make sure no unauthorized items or individuals go where they shouldn't.


A variety of tools help security guards enforce the law and rules, including communication devices like radios, monitoring devices like security cameras, detection devices like scanners and defensive instruments like batons.


When emergencies occur, security guards are often responsible for directing people in the area to safety, contacting emergency responders, attempting to determine the source of the problem and containing the threat.


In the event of violations, security guards must be capable of discussing the situation with supervisors and sometimes even testifying during legal proceedings.


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