What Is the Job Description for an Inpatient Coder?

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As an administrative health care professional, an inpatient coder is responsible for reviewing all patient files for accuracy, and coding that information into the computer system so that the records will indicate all relevant data, such as the reason that the patient was admitted, type of illness and breakdown of the treatment that was prescribed and received.

Chart Review

An inpatient coder must thoroughly review all patient medical charts in an effort to ensure that all information is accurate.


All information entered into the database by an inpatient coder must be done so in accordance with the policies and procedures of the medical facility.

Staff Interaction

When discrepancies and other inaccuracies are discovered in files, an inpatient coder must communicate with medical staff members such as nurses and doctors to resolve the issue.


In order to gain employment as an inpatient coder, a candidate must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent and have taken coursework in medical terminology, physiology and anatomy.


Inpatient coders working in the United States in 2010 were earning an average annual salary of $53,000, according to Indeed.com.