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What Are the Benefits of a Neonatologist?

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Neonatologists are a specialized subset of doctors that fall under the broader category of pediatrics. The primary job of a neonatologist is to care for newborns. This type of position requires a dedication to the care and comfort of newborns, as these young patients are often the most helpless. Being a neonatologist is a rewarding career, especially for those determined to work with and assist children.

Academic Endeavors

The field of neonatology is continually evolving. If you are intrigued and propelled by new and changing landscapes in terms of medical care and procedures, being a neonatologist allows you to remain at the forefront of academic advancements. Researchers are constantly studying newborn illnesses and development. Because of this, being a neonatologist allows you to stay involved in scientific advances, new treatment options and evolving medical theories and procedures.

Technical Expertise and Access

Neonatologists working primarily in and around pediatric intensive care units have access to technologically advanced medical equipment that is often superior to equipment in other areas of the medical field. For instance, the level of care provided to newborns requiring acute and critical care allows for neonatologists to use and secure a variety of advanced medical equipment.

Working With Children

Though all areas of pediatrics deal with the care and treatment of children, the subset of neonatology is special as it only deals with the youngest patients. The majority of newborns will not need to have a neonatologist on their care team; however, when certain situations arise, such as premature birth, low Apgar scores, underdeveloped lungs, trauma sustained during the birth process or any other medical event, condition or disease that requires immediate, specialized care, neonatologists are brought in for the case. If not for neonatologists caring for sick newborns, many of those babies would not make it out of the hospital. The ability to help sustain a young life is high on the list of benefits associated with being a neonatologist.

Helping Families

The benefit of helping others is a common theme for all involved in the medical field. That desire to help others is further compounded for neonatologists, as they are helping not only in-need patients, but scared and confused families, as well. When a baby is born and something goes wrong, is discovered after birth or just is not right from the onset, a neonatologist springs into action and is the first line of support on which the new family relies. Being relied on for information, medical care and a source of hope is an emotional benefit of being a neonatologist.

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