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Internet Researcher Job Description

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An Internet researcher uses the Internet to locate information. All sorts of businesses and organizations use Internet researchers, including scientific organizations, magazines and business firms.

Computer Skills

The Internet researcher relies on the Internet to do his job, which means that he must first and foremost know how to use the Internet, according to the Bizy Moms website.

Area of Expertise

In order to more efficiently do her job, it's helpful if an Internet researcher has several areas of expertise. Often a general search of the Internet is not sufficient. A researcher should know how to access think tanks, scholarly websites and industry publications online—something that someone outside the industry is unlikely to know about readily.

Key Words

An Internet researcher must know and help to develop key search words. This is where having an area of expertise is helpful. Knowing what key words will likely pull up the best results are part of the process of conducting efficient Internet research.


In addition to finding information on the Internet, the Internet researcher will work closely with other members of the staff to assist them in their job duties.


An Internet researcher should have access to and knowledge of scholarly databases like Lexus Nexus, JSTOR or MLA..


The average salary for an Internet researcher, according to the SimplyHired website, is $68,000.


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