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Stuntman Job Description

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If you’re a daredevil attracted to danger and spectacle, don’t mind doing physically rigorous work and love the glamour of the big screen, then perhaps you should consider a career as a stuntman.

Education and Background

No special degrees are required to be a stuntman, though special training is necessary. You should be physically fit and accustomed to rigorous activity.

Working Environment

You can expect to work long hours in exotic locations and on studio soundstages, alongside actors and other film professionals.


The more dangerous the stunt is, the more you get paid. If you are able to find regular work, you can earn upward of $160,000 a year.

Job Prospects

A career as a stuntman can be lucrative but also precarious. You must devote a lot of time to networking in the film industry in order to find regular employment.

Safety Concerns

Being a stuntman is a dangerous profession. Injuries are common on the job for stuntmen, and occasionally, these injuries are fatal.

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