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What Does a Background Check Show About Education?

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Many people are concerned about the type of information that’s revealed as part of a background check. Background checks are commonly conducted by potential employers to determine if the candidate they are considering is a worthwhile hiring risk, and education information is typically a part of this inquiry.

Verification of Information

Since information is often misrepresented on many applicants’ resumes, employers typically rely on third-party sources to verify information.

Details of An Education Background Check

An education transcript will include specific coursework and the grades received for each course. Verification about education will include the dates of attendance and the highest diploma or degree level obtained by the candidate. It will also indicate whether the person graduated and if so when they graduated.

More Specific Information

More detailed reports will show a person’s GPA for the duration of time at the school. In some cases, SAT scores are actually requested. Major course study and special achievements may also be included in the report.

The Importance of Pre-Screening Candidates

Pre-employment screening is an important step in the hiring process to eliminate as much risk as possible.


Some background check institutions require a written release to be signed by the candidate before providing information for the background check. A job candidate will want to be honest in advance about anything questionable that may come up on the report.


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