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What Information Is Involved in Military Background Checks?

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Military background checks are conducted to obtain a security clearance for military service members. The higher the security clearance, the more thorough the background check is.

Previous Names and Aliases

Background checks will verify any previous names or aliases used, including maiden names.

Previous Addresses

A background check requires verification of previous addresses lived at for any significant length of time in the past ten years.

Previous Employers

Employment from the past ten years will be verified. The application will request the employer name, address and phone number, as well as the military person’s position, duties and pay structure.


The military background check will ask for personal and professional references whom the applicant has known for at least three years. For higher security clearances, in-person interviews may be conducted with these references.

Credit Check

A military background check often involves a credit check to look for any overwhelming debt or a history of delinquent payments and financial problems.

Criminal History

A complete criminal history, as well as driving record, of the military member will be requested.