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How Far Back Does a Background Check Go in Florida?

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In Florida, employers commonly perform background checks on potential employees. Background checks are used to verify the information you provide in your application. In addition to determining whether or not you are an honest candidate, the background check can also uncover information not requested on an application. There are many different companies employers can use to obtain background checks. Generally, the number of years back a check will research is the same regardless of the agency used.

Social Security Number Scan

Employers request your Social Security number to perform a background check. Most backgrounds checks begin with a scan of your Social Security number. A Social Security number scan reports all current names and addresses associated with the number you provide to the employer. The Social Security scan checks to make sure the number is valid and shows the date issued and where it was issued.

County Criminal Records

Background checks show each county where you lived, worked or went to school to determine if you were convicted or charged with any crimes in that particular county within the past seven years. Your employer may also check your driving record and medical history, including any substance abuse treatment and physicals.

Employment and Education

Background checks include information about your prior employment history. The background check verifies employment for the past seven years. An education certification is used to check all post high school education you received. There is no specified limit as to how far back an education check will search.


An employer may not be able to obtain your criminal background information if your record can be expunged or sealed. Florida law allows first-time offenders to apply for an expungement if convicted of certain crimes. Arson, domestic violence, kidnapping, murder and robbery are examples of crimes that cannot be expunged.


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