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What Is a Typical Day Like for a Plastic Surgeon?

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Plastic surgeons, like general surgeons and surgeons in other specialty fields, work long, often irregular hours, devoting much time to their patients and profession. To finish all their duties, plastic surgeons may routinely work days that start early and run late.

Performing Surgeries

Plastic surgeons spend many hours in operating rooms. Whether they are completing a breast reduction or a brow lift, plastic surgeons must exhibit great skill and precision as they lead a surgical team.

Seeing New Patients

When not in surgery, plastic surgeons spend a good deal of time seeing patients in their offices. They evaluate whether new patients' aspirations are realistic, sometimes turning away patients whose goals cannot be achieved.

Following Up With Existing Patients

Plastic surgeons also follow up with patients after operating on them to evaluate how successful the surgery was and how the healing process is proceeding.

Staying Current in the Field

Part of being a plastic surgeon is staying on top of developments in the field. Plastic surgeons learn about the latest research and techniques through reading scientific publications, consulting with colleagues and going to conferences.

Managing the Business

Plastic surgeons with their own practice must often spend part of their time administering the practice, whether they are hiring staff, completing paperwork or securing new office space.


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