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Job Description of a Junior Buyer

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Junior buyers carry out various entry-level tasks related to the specific merchandise their company or employer is involved with. Junior buyers may be required to purchase goods, supplies and other relevant services, as well as participate in the more complex areas of contract negotiating and agreements. Their work is supervised by the higher-level buying staff.


Basic responsibilities of a junior buyer include reviewing purchase orders, conferring with other departments to verify orders, contacting vendors and evaluating bids offered by suppliers, aiding with various purchasing procedures, inventories, accounts, proposals and similar preparations.


Their essential tasks also involve determining purchasing needs, analyzing quotes and bids for suitability, cost and product availability; evaluating samples, products and services; and recommending and initiating purchase of materials, supplies and services (see reference 1).


The precise work activities of junior buyers vary according to the area in which they’re employed (such as fashion) and the different buying seasons.


As noted by the career website Prospects, throughout the year, their tasks typically can entail analyzing consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends, participating in promotional activities and attending trade fairs and meeting with suppliers, customers and other personnel to ensure all demands are met.


It’s important for junior buyers to be familiar with customer needs, market trends, store budgets, policies and procedures.


Due to the nature of the work, junior buyers need to be proficient with computers in order to complete tasks that utilize word processing, spreadsheets, the Internet and other software programs.


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