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How Do Landscapers Use Math?

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When you think about what a landscaper does every day, you probably picture physical labor: planting trees, laying patio bricks and trimming bushes. You probably do not think about math as being a factor in the job. In reality, math is an integral part of the everyday duties of a landscaper.

Determining Yard Size

When a landscaper starts a project, the first things he must do are measure the yard and determine square footage. This requires the abilities to read a tape measure and to multiply numbers.

Creating Scale Drawings

Once the landscaper knows the size of the space, she will create a scale drawing of the property to sketch the layout of plants, trees, paths and patios. This requires the use of division and fractions.

Ordering Supplies

After deciding what type of landscaping to do, he must determine how many supplies to order. For example, if he is creating a 10-by-10-foot patio using square-foot patio bricks, he must use multiplication and division to determine how many bricks to order.

Making a Budget

Landscapers must give estimates to prospective customers before beginning a project. This means she must use math skills to add up the total cost of all supplies she will need as well as travel and labor costs.

Sticking to a Budget

The landscaper needs to stick to his budget carefully to make a profit. He will need to keep a careful list of all expenses and add them up daily to be sure he is following his estimated costs.


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