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What Do I Write in My Self-Assessment Sample?

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Self-assessments can be used in both professional and personal areas. You can use them to take a solid look at what you do and don't do well. Writing one can sometimes leave a person wondering where to start, but following some simple guidelines will help you make the most out of your assessments.

Purpose of the Assessment

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Be clear and concise on why you are writing an assessment. If this is a career assessment, write down what your goals are and in what time frame you hope to accomplish them.


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Be bold and state your strengths in detail. It is important that you and others know what you do well and how you have contributed to the team.


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Be honest about areas where you are not very strong. Perhaps you are great with people but lousy on computers; everyone has weaknesses so be bold enough to accept yours.

Suggested Improvements

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Once you know and accept your weaknesses, you can create a plan on how to improve upon them (and on your strengths, too). Explain what you can and will do in order to be considered even more valuable than you are.


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Write down how you fare in performance against others in similar positions. This isn't a time to put others or yourself down, but to honestly state how you measure up.