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Definition of the Ideal Job

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In a perfect world, we'd find our ideal job the very first time we went looking for it. Truth be told, a job that brings you satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and interpersonal relationships you enjoy may take a lot of trial and error to actually land. The key is to define exactly what you're looking for and never give up until it's yours.


When you're doing what you really love--and getting paid for it--you'll look forward to going to work every day. An ideal job is the one you would choose if money were no object.


An ideal job should bring in a salary that covers all of your basic necessities--shelter, food, transportation--as well as enough discretionary income to treat yourself to some luxuries.


Medical insurance and monthly contributions to a retirement savings plan are essential if you ever become ill or decide to tear yourself away from that dream job and live a life of leisure.


An ideal job should be sustainable in terms of ongoing demand for your products or services. It should also be one that provides enough challenge to keep your attention and encourages you to grow your talents.

Work Environment

The physical setting in which you do your work should be one that matches your personal style and accommodates whatever level of human interaction makes you feel the happiest and most productive.

Time Management

When you're doing what you love, time can easily get away from you and turn into a bone of contention with family and friends. An ideal job is one that embraces balance and incorporates down-time for non-work related pursuits.

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