How Much Money Does a House Inspector Make?

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A house inspector or construction inspector's primary responsibility is to ensure that all residences and other buildings built in a particular areas meet all local building codes. Experience and the type of employer inspectors work for are factors in salary.

One to Four Years

home inspectors with one to four years of work experience in the field earned annual salaries of $32,759 to $51,887 as of July 2009.

Five to Nine Years

The average salary range for home inspectors with five to nine years of experience was $36,358 to $54,982 in July 2009.

10 to 19 Years

The income of home inspectors with 10 to 19 years of experience in the field was $40,521 to $76,257 in July 2009.

Most Experienced

Once home inspectors achieved 20 years of work experience or more, their average salary range was $48,796 to $76,302 as of July 2009.

Employer Type

In July 2009, self-employed home inspectors were the highest paid, earning an average maximum salary of $108,655. Nonprofit organizations were the lowest paying employers of house inspectors with maximum salaries averaging $46,500.


In July 2009, many home inspectors received additional benefits that increased their overall compensation packages, including 1.8 to 2.6 weeks of paid vacation time and annual bonuses of $1021 to $1983.