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Job Description of a Caregiver

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A caregiver assists the elderly by performing a number of tasks. Caregivers typically visit seniors in their homes but may also be on staff at a nursing care or assisted living facility.

Physical and Cognitive

Though they are not medical professionals, caregivers are responsible for helping clients with their physical and cognitive health. This involves helping them walk, assisting in exercises and helping them to maintain memory by using specialized drills and memory books.

Nutrition and Personal Care

Caregivers ensure that seniors receive proper nutrition by planning and preparing their meals, performing grocery shopping and checking food for expiration dates in the home pantry and refrigerator. They also assist with bathing and toileting as needed.


Caregivers perform a variety of housekeeping tasks that the senior may no longer be capable of doing such as laundry, dusting, making beds, running errands, organizing mail and keeping a calendar of appointments.


Caregivers transport and accompany seniors to medical appointments, on trips to the beauty salon or to religious activities.


Caregivers provide emotional support for seniors by providing them companionship and conversation. They may also engage in activities with them such as board games, card games, or film and television watching.


Caregivers are responsible for keeping a daily journal of notes that detail the activities they performed during the day. They are also required to report any signs of physical or cognitive difficulties to the agency they work for or directly to the family if they are self-employed.